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December 17, 2009


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I agree with most of what you say here, and am especially troubled by the American medical community's unwillingness to acknowledge the effects of cesareans on a woman's later reproductive health. The assumption that "this" pregnancy and baby are the only thing that matters allows them to pretend that unnecessary cesareans are not doing any harm.

I do think this statement is not quite true: "We are one of the worst countries in the world for mother/baby health." We don't look good compared to other developed countries, which of course are the ones we are rightfully compared to, but I have lived in some of the poorer third-world countries and can testify that we're not among the worst for mother/baby health--and statistics bear that out.


Great post! I did a post on the same topic too recently, and it's true that many other countries are much worse...technology and fear and unnecessareans are sadly a world-wide epidemic.

I love this sentence of yours - "Instead of relying on their bodies and the Omniscient Creator of their bodies and this awesome thing called birth, they rely on the god of Technology."

Someone very wise I know calls technology as "tricknology" - nowhere is that more apt than in the birth scene.

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